Tekdis – the preferred provider of Computing, Display & RF Solutions in Australia

Industrial Computing, Display & RF Solutions in Australia

Tekdis is a leading technology company offering quality and innovative computing, display, and RF solutions to the embedded, industrial, automotive, medical, surveillance, and multimedia markets via offices in Australia, the UK, Taiwan, and the USA.

Based in Melbourne, Tekdis specialises in industrial computers, embedded computers, and single board computers. The company provides the best solution to customers by understanding their requirements and offering high-quality technical support, professional selling procedures, and reliable distribution facilities. The company also offers build-to-order technology solutions.

As one of Australia’s leading and trusted IT solutions providers, Tekdis is preferred by commercial clients for embedded PCs, which are used in everyday products like digital cameras, calculators, vending machines, automotive embedded systems such as ABS brakes and car alarms, elevators, printers, and GPS.

The highly reliable and power-efficient embedded computers with small factor size are in great demand from segments like Industrial Automation, Digital Signage, Self-autonomous Vehicles, and Space Exploration.

Based on market needs and emerging technologies, Tekdis keeps adding new products to its portfolio. The company has its warehouse facilities in Melbourne, offices in Sydney and the UK.

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