Saturday, November 28, 2020
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What is Industrial Grade PC?

What is Industrial Grade PC? PCs built with an emphasis on industrial purposes, especially for the production of goods and services with several military-grade components to withstand harsh industrial conditions refer to Industrial Grade PC. They are designed in a form factor...

Managed Print is the answer to all your company’s printing issues

In busy working environments such as offices, document printing is an everyday task that is necessary for several tasks. But, are you keeping track of how much you’re printing? Does your current printer create a backlog of failed documents due to...

Traffic Light Scales with Bluetooth compatibility

Introducing a new, improved SJ-WP-BT Traffic Light check weighing scale series, which comes with Bluetooth compatibility. Read More

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Machinery Write Off – Government Support for Business Investment

The Australian government has announced an Economic Stimulus Package to support businessinvestment, in a move to help businesses withstand and recover from...

Hands-Free Hygiene Collection

Hands-free hygiene solutions are ideal for applications where hygiene is a major concern. With these products and accessories, users can easily wash...