PhanTAM Series Panel PCs: Revolutionizing Industries with Stainless Steel Solutions


APLEX Technology Inc. is a leading industrial computer manufacturer renowned for its innovative solutions. The company is committed to offering cutting-edge technology to optimize efficiency in various industries. With a robust product line that includes the much-lauded PhanTAM Series Panel PCs, APLEX continues to push the boundaries of digital manufacturing, revolutionizing operations with their reliable, high-performing stainless steel solutions.

Aplex PhanTAM-121AP(H) 21.5″ IP66 / IP69K Flat & Slim Design Stainless Steel Display

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The PhanTAM Series Panel PCs are designed to withstand the harshest industrial environments, making them ideal for use in various industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemical processing, and more. These all-in-one panel PCs feature a stainless steel housing that is resistant to corrosion, rust, and extreme temperatures. This robust construction ensures their longevity and reliability in the most demanding conditions.

But it’s not just their durability that sets them apart. The PhanTAM Series Panel PCs also boast powerful performance capabilities, with an Intel Core i5 processor and up to 16GB of RAM. They also feature a range of I/O ports, including USB, COM, Ethernet, and HDMI, providing seamless integration with existing systems.

Why PhanTAM Series Rugged & Waterproof Panel PCs by APLEX

Introducing the Aplex PhanTAM Slim Design Stainless Steel Panel PC, a revolutionary industrial solution that seamlessly merges durability with high performance. Built to withstand the rigors of modern manufacturing environments, these panel PCs encapsulate the power of stainless steel in their robust construction. The PhanTAM series elevates the concept of industrial efficiency to new heights, offering a game-changing digital solution infused with cutting-edge technology. Not only do they epitomize strength, but they also exemplify innovation through their slim design and highly responsive touchscreen interfaces. These all-in-one panel PCs are a testament to Aplex’s commitment to forging the future of digital manufacturing, breaking new ground with every stride. The PhanTAM series doesn’t just meet the industry’s growing demand for reliable and effective digital solutions; it sets the bar higher, redefining expectations along the way. This is not just an introduction to a product – it is a glimpse into the future of industrial efficiency.

Stainless Steel Solutions for the Toughest Environments

The PhanTAM series panel PCs are designed to withstand the harshest industrial environments, making them the perfect solution for various applications. With an IP69K rating and MIL-STD-810G certification, these panel PCs can resist high-pressure water jets, extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, and more. The stainless steel construction also makes them resistant to corrosion and rust, ensuring longevity and reliability in the toughest of environments.

A Comprehensive Suite of Features for Enhanced Performance

The PhanTAM series panel PCs boast cutting-edge features that enhance performance and productivity in industrial settings. These include Intel Bay Trail J1900 processors, up to 8GB memory, and a solid-state fanless design for efficient heat dissipation. The slim design of these panel PCs also allows for convenient installation, saving space and time for businesses. Furthermore, the highly responsive touchscreen interface offers smooth operation and effortless navigation, making tasks quicker and more efficient.

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

One of the most significant advantages of the PhanTAM series panel PCs is their versatility and compatibility with various industrial systems and software. They can easily integrate with existing equipment, making the transition to digital manufacturing seamless and hassle-free. This allows businesses to upgrade their operations without disrupting their current processes, saving time and resources in the process.

The PhanTAM Series Panel PCs: Redefining Industrial Efficiency

These panel PCs are more than just devices – they are a revolution in modern manufacturing. With their stainless steel construction, robust design, and cutting-edge features, these all-in-one panel PCs offer a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to streamline their operations and increase efficiency. The future of digital manufacturing is here, and it’s in the form of the panel PCs by Aplex. Experience the power of stainless steel and revolutionize your industry today. So, if you are in need of a reliable, high-performing industrial computer solution, look no further than all in one industrial panel PCs. Let them help unlock the full potential of your business and take it to new heights.

Key Features of the APLEX PhanTAM Series Stainless Steel Panel PCs

Here are some notable technical key features of the APLEX PhanTAM Series Rugged & Waterproof Panel PCs:

Rugged Construction:

The stainless steel body ensures durability and resilience, capable of withstanding harsh industrial environments. It is resistant to corrosion, shock, and vibration, making it the perfect choice for demanding settings.

Waterproof Design:

The IP69K-rated waterproof design offers superior protection against water and dust ingress. This makes the PhanTAM series ideal for industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and chemical processing.

Slim Design:

Despite their rugged construction, the PhanTAM series stainless steel panel PCs have a sleek and slim design that takes up minimal space on the factory floor. This enhances flexibility and ease of installation, making them an excellent choice for compact settings.

High-Performance Processors:

Powered by Intel® Celeron® or Core™ i3/i5/i7 processors, these panel PCs offer reliable performance and processing speeds for complex industrial operations. They can handle multiple tasks efficiently and effortlessly.

Touchscreen Interface:

The PhanTAM series features a high-resolution touchscreen interface that is highly responsive and intuitive to use. This enables operators to control and monitor operations with ease, improving overall productivity.

Versatile Connectivity Options:

These panel PCs offer a wide range of connectivity options, including USB, Ethernet, COM ports, and HDMI. This allows for seamless integration with other industrial equipment and systems.

Flexible Connectivity:

The PhanTAM series features various I/O ports such as USB, Ethernet, and COM to ensure seamless connectivity with other devices and systems. This enhances flexibility in industrial settings, allowing for efficient data transfer and communication between different processes.

Enhanced Security:

The PhanTAM series panel PCs come equipped with advanced security features to protect sensitive industrial data from cyber threats. This includes password protection, secure boot, and optional TPM 2.0 encryption.

Remote Management Capabilities:

These panel PCs have remote management capabilities, allowing for easy monitoring and troubleshooting of operations even from a distance. This is especially useful for industries with multiple locations or in situations where physical access to the panel PC may be limited.


Enhanced Features of the PhanTAM Series: Spotlight on Hygienic Design

The PhanTAM Series Panel PCs are not merely about robust performance and durability; they are also meticulously designed with hygiene in mind, ensuring a clean and safe working environment. This is manifested through two key features: Flexible I/O interfaces and mounting kits.

Flexible I/O Interfaces:

The PhanTAM Series Panel PCs are equipped with flexible I/O interfaces, ensuring seamless connectivity with various devices and systems. This feature significantly reduces the risk of dust accumulation and contaminant ingress, as the interfaces can be easily cleaned and maintained. The easy adaptability of these interfaces also contributes to a clutter-free workspace, further enhancing the hygiene factor.


Mounting Kits:

In addition to the versatile I/O interfaces, these Panel PCs come with customizable mounting kits. These kits provide easy installation and configuration options, allowing the PCs to be placed in a manner that maximizes cleanliness and minimizes the risk of contamination. The flexible positioning also allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, promoting a hygienic work environment.

With these enhanced features, the PhanTAM Series Panel PCs not only offer high performance and durability but also prioritize safety and hygiene in industrial settings. So, if you are looking for a reliable, efficient, and hygienic solution for your business, look no further than the PhanTAM series by Aplex. These distinct features underline the PhanTAM Series’ commitment to striking a balance between high-performing technology and a hygienically designed workspace. By incorporating such features, APLEX proves its dedication to providing comprehensive solutions that cater to the diverse needs of modern manufacturing industries.

Final Words !!

In conclusion, the PhanTAM Series Panel PCs offer a groundbreaking solution for industrial settings. They seamlessly blend durability, performance and hygienic design into an all-encompassing package. By delivering top-tier processing power, a plethora of connectivity options, and unmatched ruggedness, these panel PCs are poised to redefine operational efficiency in a myriad of industries. The series’ unique focus on hygiene through flexible interfaces and customizable mounting kits further elevates its status as a game-changer. Unveiling the PhanTAM Series Panel PCs is an exciting step towards the future – a future where technology and operational needs harmoniously coexist in a way that amplifies productivity, safeguards industrial data, and significantly enhances the work environment. Take a step into this future with the PhanTAM Series Panel PCs, and experience the true potential of your business.