Why you should use a managed print service for your business

managed print services

What are Managed Print Services?

Running a business is all about efficiency. When costs are on the rise and the economy is slow, you need to know better ways for cost-cutting and keeping your business afloat. Leveraging managed print services can drastically diminish out-of-control costs related to your office’s print environment and help achieve stable, reliable operations.

managed print services
managed print services

Managed print services are rapidly becoming a go-to solution for many businesses across Australia. Multi-function printers can present high upfront maintenance costs, however with minimal start up costs and being environmentally friendly, by reducing waste, managed print services could be your solution.

 10 Key Benefits of Managed Print Services

Below are some benefits of using managed print services.

Save Time

Photocopiers and multi-function printers machines requires great attention, and they need constant maintenance. If your business heavily relies on photocopiers, they are bound to wear out with time. If your printing device fails, you will either have to replace it with a new one or get a support service to fix it. This could cost you lots of time and money. With managed print services, any issues relating to printing operations will be addressed by the experts with maximum efficiency.

Increase Flexibility

As businesses are constantly evolving, their printing needs are changing. Many companies have decided to use print management for printing hardware and software procurement, strategy and support needs. By partnering with a managed print services provider, they will help choose the best plan for your budget and create flexible contracts to fit in with your needs, which, in turn, saves costs and increases flexibility. So, if you anticipate a larger volume of printing next year, you are covered.

Improve Productivity

With managed print services, employees can focus on their core competencies rather than fixing the printing equipment. A Managed print services provider can tackle the tasks relating to print operations efficiently. It will keep your business running smoothly without any disruptions to your team’s workflow.

Free Up Cash Flow

The upfront cost of a new commercial photocopier is no joke; it is a massive investment. For businesses requiring multiple printers, using a managed print service could be a better option. It will provide you with printer renting, servicing and other associated services at a competitive price.

Environmentally Friendly

A managed print service can help your business be more environmentally friendly. It can enable you to manage your printing workflows and reduce waste, for instance, recycling used ink cartridges. Some Print Management providers partner with environmental programs that donate money or plant trees for every thousand printed pages.

Control Your Costs

If you start keeping track of your printer usage, you will be surprised to know how much you are spending. A managed print service can help you gain insight into your printing volume and significantly reduce costs. Additionally, they are likely to provide ink and other associated services at an affordable price compared to most supply stores.

Tighten Your Information Security

Managed print services help to maintain security. Sometimes, employees may not have the expertise to ensure the devices are being run in a manner that promotes security. Managed print services expose businesses to expert knowledge and up-to-date technology, enabling them to secure critical information. In addition to securing networks and cyberspace, a managed print service will help you implement printer security features on your printers.

Adapt To Your Changing Needs

With short-term, renewable contracts, managed print services will adapt to your changing needs. Whether you are moving offices, expanding, or creating new services, it will provide you with custom services and plans to meet your needs.

Know You’re Covered

With managed print services, you are not obligated. You can rest assured that servicing, replacement parts, and ink are all bundled together in a package.

Increase Your Device Uptime

Print Management helps you maximize your device uptime by providing quick and efficient repair services. They perform routine maintenance to prevent unexpected part failures and increase the lifespan of your printers. In case of sudden failures, they may provide backup printers.

managed print services

Best Photocopier Brands for Managed Print Services

The following are some of the best Photocopier brands.


With a focus on cutting-edge usability and high-quality standard machinery, Sharp photocopiers are pushing the limits of technology systems. These sharp photocopiers often feature convenient touch screens and touch-of-a-button­­ commands, such as editing and reordering pages. You are sure to find a wide range of photocopiers, from space-saving copiers to high-speed black and white and colour multifunctional printers. Sharp’s digital copying and printing systems can be customized to meet your specific business requirements.


Canon photocopiers and printers are extremely versatile, user-friendly, and have good features and functions, enabling businesses to accomplish tasks efficiently. Canon’s printing equipment is ideal for offices and homes and comes in a variety of sizes for different print volumes. This mid-priced device can accommodate 250 sheets of paper in the main tray and 50 in the multipurpose tray. Canon photocopiers offer effective dual-sided scanning and duplex printing and are easy to print and scan via cloud.


Epson is one of the innovative companies when it comes to printing and digital copying devices. It developed piezoelectric crystal inkjet printing technology and introduced ink tank printers, eliminating the need to replace cartridges and lowering ink consumables cost by 90%. Epson photocopiers and printers are known for their outstanding quality, consistency, and efficiency. These premium quality and high-speed photocopiers are ideal for your commercial business.

What to expect from a Managed Print Service Provider

Here are a few things to expect from a managed print service provider.

Examine your business workflow

Printers are essential for any business, even in this digital age. A managed print services provider will first analyse your business and printing, including:

  • Printing and document workflow
  • Reviewing printing devices
  • Assessing your printer placements and printing environments
  • Document output
  • Security features for your printing devices
  • Monitor mobile printing
  • Supply costs

If this information is not readily available, the service providers may place monitoring tools to get a complete picture of your printer usage on your printing devices.

Creating a plan

Once the service providers have a clear picture of your business workflow, they will create a plan to meet your businesses’ printing needs.

  • Streamline the placement of your printer
  • Set print and workflow recommendations for routing to specific devices
  • Plan an upgrade to more efficient hardware
  • Improve the accessibility of mobile and remote printing
  • Automate tasks and delivery of supplies to reduce costs

Implementation of the strategy and continuous monitoring

Once you approve the plan developed by a managed print service provider, the implementation will begin. New processes and tools will be in place to make you more informed about your businesses’ printing costs.

Your service provider might train your employees on new hardware and software. Additionally, you will be provided with monthly reporting to see how the plan is working and help you prepare for the future.

Working with managed print services providers can help you make your businesses’ printing efficient and reduce costs and downtime.

Choosing A Managed Print Service Provider For Value and Exceptional Service

A managed print services provider offers multiple benefits. Make sure you choose local providers as they can professionally and promptly respond to service calls.

The following are the things you should look for when choosing a managed print service provider for your business.

Proven track record 

Having a good reputation is crucial in the managed print industry. Before you sign a contract, ask for testimonials. It will help you to understand how they have engaged with their clients previously. Moreover, you should check if their customers are in the same industry as you. 

Ask for references and case studies

 It is always a good idea to look for some form of proof-of-service if you are planning to start working with a new provider. You should request references and case studies to verify if the customers are happy and satisfied with the services. Additionally, you will know the quality of service they offer, their pricing, customer service and review the efficacy of the organisation.

 Ability to provide a tailor-fit solution

 One strategy doesn’t work for all businesses. A print solutions provider should be able to provide customised solutions to maximise the efficiency of your business. Moreover, they should be willing and committed in understanding your business needs and not overwhelm you with  solutions that may not be needed.

 Good communicators 

Any print service provider should be able to communicate with your organisation efficiently. They should be regular and good communicators so that they can solve any sudden issues you may encounter. 

In-depth print analysis 

A print solution provider should perform a comprehensive and in-depth print analysis of your business and provide the data to develop a customised solution that generates value. You can ask the service provider the kind of data they gather during this process and how they plan and develop the strategy. 

Demonstrated success in improving document workflow 

A managed print services provider should exhibit the ability to improve document workflows in your company and not just manage your printing. It can be a comprehensive solution to reduce costs.

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