What Are Industrial Computers?

industrial computing

What is Industrial Computers?

Industrial computers are computing systems specially designed to withstand the excess wear and tear present in manufacturing and industrial settings as they aid with machine automation and manufacturing processes. Due to the large workload and unique demands that industrial settings present, these computers need to be high-functioning, reliable, and must include design features that protect them from the conditions.

DRPC-230-ULT5 - Fanless 8th gen i5 CPU

If one were to use a commercial computer in an industrial setting, it would have a very short lifespan. Not only would it not be able to keep up with the workflow, but it would likely fail due to high temperatures, dust particles, harmful shocks/vibrations, water damage, or other conditions. Industrial computers are designed to bypass these problems.


How Is an Industrial Computer Different from a Commercial Desktop Computer? 

Many features differentiate industrial computers from commercial desktop computers. From performance to durability to length of life, industrial computers offer a solution to industrial needs. Here are some of the improved features found in a quality industrial computer: 

  • Enclosure Form Factor. External enclosures made from alloy materials can handle the heat and vibrations of an industrial setting.
  • Industrial-Grade Components. Each component of the computer is made with materials tested to withstand the harsh environment.
  • Dust and Particulate Intrusion Protection. Dust and particulate circulate in the air in some industrial settings. This requires a specialised design that eliminates the need for cooling vents so that these particles do not cause damage.
  • Extreme Temperature Protection. Using heat sinks and heat pipes instead of cooling fans, industrial computers can handle temperatures as low as -40ºC and as high as 70ºC.
  • Shock and Vibration Resistance. Industrial computers withstand shocks (3-5 GRMS) and vibrations (up to 50G) caused by automation equipment.
  • Ingress Protection. Computers have a water-resistant design for protection and cleaning purposes.
  • EMI Resistance. Electromagnetic interference from other equipment can damage circuits, so computers are shielded from interfering EM fields.
  • Expandability and Longevity. Equipped with expansion capabilities, computers can be updated and repaired easily for increased longevity to avoid frequent upgrades and retrofitting.


Industrial Computing Applications 

Using a specialised design that can withstand harsh environments without compromising performance, there are many uses for industrial computers. Here are a few of the most prominent: 

  • Embedded Computers. Because it is compact, fanless, noiseless, and resistant to particles, industrial computers are perfect for high performance/low power embedded computers.
  • Industrial Automation and Control. Install industrial computers in any automation setting to handle basic tasks like scheduling, decision-making, and managing processes.
  • Factory Computers. Industrial computers maximise performance while minimising costs by improving efficiency and connectivity between machines and processes.
  • Mobile Medical Applications. Use a transportable industrial computer to collect patient information and data in the ambulance or as they move through the hospital. The sturdy design withstands drops, bumps, and shocks.
  • OEM Computer. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) use industrial computers tailored to their process to collect data and manage equipment on the production line.
  • Outdoor Computer. Industrial computers maintain perfect function through any weather conditions or extreme temperatures.

In short, industrial computers offer high reliability and long term availability in various form factors.

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