Why should you switch to using solar panels?

Solar panels in Melbourne

Switching to solar energy is not just an option but could turn into a compulsion in the future when the non-renewable sources of energy will be almost on the verge of exhaustion. Switching to solar energy is highly advantageous in many ways. Moreover, being a responsible citizen, you must consider switching to this renewable source of energy solar panels in Melbourne

Solar energy is a renewable kind of energy. Unlike non-renewable energy sources, renewable sources of energy have lower chances of getting exhausted. Finding solar panels in Melbourne is no more a far-fetched idea. With the soaring demand for solar panels, they are now readily available in the market. 

Solar energy is a sustainable kind of energy. It allows development today without endangering the needs of future generations. Solar energy does not emit toxic substances or contaminants into the air, which can be very damaging to the environment and to human beings.

Solar energy does not waste or contaminate water- an extremely valuable factor, given the scarcity of water. Solar energy can be used to provide heat, light, and other electricity-dependent needs in homes and buildings. Businesses and industries use solar technologies to diversify their energy sources, improve efficiency, and save money.

Solar panels in Melbourne

Why should you switch to solar panels?

  • Lower electricity bills

    Switching to solar energy will not only help you solve the electricity crisis but will also help you save big bucks on your electricity bills. The electricity prices are constantly increasing. The more you rely on solar power generation, the lesser electricity you will need to buy from the electricity company. 

    Australia has anyway reached a mark when meeting one’s daily consumption of electricity through solar is not complex as such. Moreover, it is a one-time investment that offers a considerable amount of returns on investment, guaranteeing better financial fitness. 

  • Property value 

    Installing a solar panel in Melbourne can augment the worth of your property due to the lesser electricity bills that come. Whether you are leasing, selling, renting, and so on, with a solar installation, you can claim for a higher cost in return and return and close the deal much quicker than the same property without solar installation.

    So, for an augmented value of your property, switch to solar energy. 

  • Secured investment 

    Uncertain electricity prices are something utility companies are famous for, and this has made use of solar energy an upward trend.

    Switching to solar energy will help you know how much of your capital will be required, on average for electrical expenses, unlike the traditional sources of electrical energy where prices fluctuate frequently.

  • No additional space required 

    As far as rooftop solar panels are concerned, it does not require additional space and can be set up and installed on any type of roof. They also help protect your roof. So, it serves as a dual advantage. 

  • It is an environment-friendly source of energy

    Solar energy does not release various harmful gases like CO2 that pollute the air and affect the climate adversely. So, you do not just save money on electricity bills but also contribute to creating a cleaner environment. 

  • Climate-friendly

    Solar panels are compatible with all climates. We have ample sunlight throughout the year and so installing a solar energy device is undeniably a good idea. Even when there is not enough sunlight, the efficacy of solar panels is not affected. 

  • Multiple uses

    It is not just electricity generation that you can use solar energy for. It has various other uses such as you can use it for cooking purposes, heating water, run cars and generators, and so on. Solar energy can be a great saviour for remote areas where electricity is irregular. 

  • Inexhaustible source of energy

    Sun is an inexhaustible source of energy unlike natural gas or fossil fuels. With such an infinite source of energy, you need not rely on fossil fuels that are not good for the environment apart from being exhaustible sources of energy. 

    Moreover, in energy deficit places, power generation is expensive and solar energy can save the day by acting as an efficient energy source. 

  • Low maintenance cost

    One of the biggest considerations is the low maintenance cost of solar panels. If you maintain it properly, it can last for around 20 years. And you can enjoy lower electricity costs for that long. This will help you save substantial amounts of money in the long term. 

  • No more uncertain utility price hikes

    If you have owned a home for a considerable amount of time, you must have been the victim of greedy energy companies inexplicably raising their prices and charging high amounts of money, at least a few times. With solar panels, your energy cost will remain the same, always. 

  • Consistent performance 

    Solar panel manufacturers include a 20-25 year warranty with their solar panels. The industry standard guarantees 80% performance after 25 years and your solar panels will likely continue generating electricity for 35-40 years. This is a pretty good deal. 

  • No more power outages 

    With the proper battery storage system, you will still have power even when the utility company’s grid goes down. No matter how bad the weather conditions are, you will continue to have power at your home. 

  • Solar panels are immensely versatile 

    With solar energy, there are no rules. You do not have to install them on your roof and they do not have to cover your entire home. As long as you have a location with access to direct sunlight, you are good to go. 

  • Contributing to a good cause

    By choosing to invest in solar energy, you are serving your community and the planet. The more panels that are installed, the cleaner the environment. Installing solar panels in Melbourne is a more pocket-friendly option than relying on uncertain utility companies. 

Solar panels in Melbourne


Getting solar panels installed is a huge investment and should be done with the help of a reliable dealer. If you wish to buy solar panels in Melbourne, Total solar solutions are the best choice for you. We are experienced, reliable, and our solar panels are sturdy, efficient, and long-lasting.