How to Find the Best Pet Chemist Online?

Best Pet Chemist Online

There are several approaches to finding the best pet chemist online and purchasing pet medications as per the prescription requirements. It is often probable to obtain them directly from your veterinarian with an appointment, or you can access a human-oriented pharmacy for their treatment.


But did you know you can even order your pet’s prescription medicine digitally from the convenience of your home through Pet Chemists Online? Several websites enable pet owners to upload the pet prescription, whereas others will call your vet’s workplace once you order medication online. It is one of the most appropriate and cost-effective approaches for getting the medication your pet requires quickly.

So, there are Two Approaches to Reach the Best Pet Chemist Online

1. Get a precise prescription: Ask your vet to prescribe medicines the next time you see him. Your vet doctor will usually write this prescription on their letterhead.

2. Order the medicine and upload the prescription: Find the medication on a pet chemist site online, upload an image of the medical prescription and execute the checkout procedure. If you are not sure what to explicitly order or can’t find a product on the pet chemist website, you can email the pet chemist or call them as per their contact details on their website portal.

Getting Veterinary Prescriptions

Although most veterinarians in Australia are habitually more than pleased to write a prescription, they are not lawfully obligated to do so when demanded.

If your vet is reluctant to write a prescription, you can attempt to find another vet in your location who is content to write prescriptions. Your pet will need a complete consultation with the new vet before they write a prescription.

Can I Buy Medicines Online without a Prescription?

An on-paper authorisation from your vet as a prescription is needed, so the pharmacist can allot medication for your pet, or order medications online.

Can you take a Medication Prescription from an Online Vet?

According to the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) and state veterinary board rules, a Pet Chemist cannot receive prescriptions from digital-only or telemedicine vets.

Pet Medication at Pet Guardians

Pet Guardians enable the supply of prescription medications through their web portal. When buying prescription medication by Pet Guardians Online, you know that:

  • All prescription medication provided is obtained from Australian registered pharmacists
  • All medicine accessible is registered with the Australian Government
  • All remedy products provided are dealt with and allocated by Australian-registered pharmacists

What Pet Guardians Offer – Your Pet Chemist Online

At Pet Guardians, we stock tested, verified and secure medications for your pets. We source them from trustworthy brands, so you can rest assured with your pet’s medical care with:

  • Pet Prescription Medication
  • Dog Medicines like Metacam or Meloxicam for dogs
  • Cat Medicine
  • Bird & Wildlife Medication
  • Dog Food & Treats
  • Cat Food & Treats
  • Pet Grooming
  • Pet Toys

Key Takeaways

Pet Guardians, a proudly Australian owned & operated company, is well-backed by pet pharmacists. Their team provides pet pharmacy, veterinary, and pet products digitally to pet owners at reasonable prices.

The team at Pet Guardians are dedicated and transport pet’s medication, food, and essentials, and make sure stock availability for pet products.