Is X-Ray Inspection Safe For Food?

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Food manufacturers these days have been relying a lot on food X-ray machines for food inspection for food safety. Earlier, X-rays were only associated with medical and dental treatments.

X-ray inspections in the food manufacturing industry are used for various purposes, such as:

  • to detect physical contaminants
  • inspecting product-in-seal
  • measuring headspace
  • checking for damaged products and packaging
  • counting components
  • measuring mass
  • monitoring fill levels

Not just this, but food X-ray inspection also helps manufacturers in complying with the food safety regulations and retailers’ standards. Despite all these benefits, many people think that consuming food that went through a food X-ray machine is not safe. This is also one reason why many food manufacturers still hesitate to switch to food X-ray machines, even when high tech machines like ProteX ProteX X-ray AD-4991-2510 are available.

Let us answer a few questions you have concerning food X-Ray machines so that you can get assurance that it’s totally safe to eat food that has gone through food X-Ray machines.

ProteX X-ray AD-4991-2510

Do X-rays affect food?

It does affect food but in a good way. The radiation that a food x-ray machine casts on the food kills bacteria, parasites or insects that may have been present in the food. Those rays aren’t mixed with the food.

The food stays in the X-ray machine for less than a second, and even within that tiny time frame, it is exposed to a very low dosage of radiation. The radiation is just enough to kill the bacteria and not harm the food.

Does food absorb X-ray radiation?

The World Health Organization (WHO) did a study in 1997 that confirmed that food’s safety or nutritional value don’t get affected till the radiation levels of 10,000 gray². That dose is 10 million times greater than the dose that a food item gets inside an x-ray inspection machine. This simply means that the food does not absorb any radiation from the food X-ray machine.

Can X-rays make things radioactive?

Absolutely not. Even though rays are radiating from the food x-ray machines, those machines cannot make anything radioactive. Not just these lower radiation machines, but the higher radiation machines used for chemical purposes also cannot make thins radioactive. So the food stays completely safe when it comes out of an x-ray inspection machine.

Food X-Ray Machines Are More Safer Than You Think

The food that goes into the food x-ray machine is comparatively safer to eat than the food that does not go through it. This is because the radiation kills all the harmful bacteria and germs, which is low enough to keep the food safe.

These machines are specifically designed to keep the food safe and maintain its nutritional value as well. The whole purpose of these machines is to make food processing and manufacturing easier and safer.

Even those who operate the x-ray inspection machines are safe from radiation. These machines run on electricity, which means once they are turned off, they won’t emit any kind of radiation. The radiation can be controlled with just one button.


In a nutshell, food that goes through X-ray machines is completely safe to consume. There’s no reason to be cornered about the radiation from the x-ray machines into your food.

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