Common Mistakes People Make When Selecting A Heavy Duty Industrial Shredder

industrial shredders

5 Mistakes That You Should Avoid When Purchasing A Heavy Duty Industrial Shredder

To the untrained person, it may seem like a shredder is just a shredder. All you need is a wood shredder, plastic shredder, or paper shredder, and then match the size, right? Actually, no. It’s not as simple as that.

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when choosing the correct heavy-duty shredder. For this reason, it is best to seek advice before you make a decision that you’ll regret in the not so long run.

industrial shredders

Here are five common mistakes that businesses make when purchasing an industrial shredder.

1.     Purchasing the wrong sized shredder

Size here refers to several things, all of which are very important for your buying decision. Size refers to the size objects that can be shredded, the power rating of the machine, the torque output of the machine, and even the weight and robustness of the shredder.

Choosing an undersized machine will result in premature failure and additional costs either for constant repairs or a replacement.

2.     Getting all their information online

Don’t get me wrong, the internet is an amazing place with a vast pool of information. The problem with this, however, is that there is bound to be some misleading information out there too.

Companies pay copywriters good money to make their products desirable to potential customers. The search engine rankings are also based on using the proper SEO techniques and not necessarily who has the best products.

It is therefore very important to discuss your specific needs with a professional so they can outline the reasons why you should purchase whichever shredder they are recommending.

A live demonstration of the shredder shredding in action is also a plus.

3.     Buying the Cheapest Shredder

Cost is a very important factor when making any purchasing decision. It should, however, never cause you to lose sight of the original reason you wanted the machine. You need to get a specific type and volume of work done.

You can always find cheap, off the market shredders that seem to match your requirements but these usually end up costing more in the long run for repairs and maintenance costs.

4.     Ignoring the importance of correctly feeding your shredder

How you feed your shredder and the rate at which you feed it affects the efficiency of your operation more that you may think. There are some instances where slowing down the feed of your machine can greatly improve the speed of your operation.

It’s not solely about the material, it also depends on the size of the pieces, the shapes, the shredder cutters, the power of the shredder, and a lot more.

5.     Not knowing the right cutters for each job

The cutting blades of a machine are also very important to your operational efficiency. The type of cutter and the way the cutters are arranged is critical and is based on the material you are shredding.

Wood, plastic, paper, rubber, etc., all behave differently in a shredder. Single hook, triple hook, deep hook, and offset are just some of the cutter arrangements that exist and need to be considered.

industrial shredders

Don’t get caught in the trap of purchasing a one-size-fits-all heavy duty industrial shredder. Talk to a professional and take the time to make the right decision.

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